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Sydney based swimming pool renovator, pool repairs specialising in Pebble Crete finish for New and Old Pools. Our goals are always to provide the highest quality of workmanship that will sustain the longevity of a pool.
With over 30 years of experience and expertise, we give our customers support and knowledge to maintain their pool easily on completion, our aim is to give you the lifestyle to enjoy family and friends with the perfect pool finish.


Mr Pebbles Pool Renovations is a Sydney based pool renovator specialising in Pebble Crete finish. We are a family-owned business, and we take great pride in our work with a multitude of happy customers in the greater Sydney area. If your pool needs a lift to sell your home or for your family to start enjoying swimming again ‘Mr Pebbles Pool Renovations’ is ready and able to help.

With over 30 years’ experience completing pools, we only use the latest materials and styles sourced worldwide. We work with our customers to achieve your dream pool renovation. With our team you can rest assure our commitment for superior workmanship from start to finish.

We specialise in pool renovations refurbishing old interiors, water line tiles including the pool plumbing and sealing, leeks and replacing or repairing filters whilst refurbishing. We can pave and tile the pool area to your desire. With our professional work and support, you will get the results you want for your pool renovations.

Our finishes include:

  • New Zealand Pebbles with your choice of different colours of glass
  • Pure White New Zealand Pebble
  • Glass Pebbles
  • Quartz Pebbles
  • New pool interiors
  • Bead crete

Our process:

Send us an email with your details and pictures of your renovation or call us.

We will evaluate the renovation and give you the advice best suited to your renovation and situation.

We provide a written quote after inspection and guide you all the way.

We guarantee our work Under the fair-trading practices act and warrant the work for the interior application of the swimming pool for a period of two years.

We give you instructions to maintain the longevity of your interior.

Best outcome to maintain a new renovated pool:

Brush walls & floors in the morning, once the dust settles in the afternoon, vacuum dust and backwash or remove cartridge from the filter and rinse thoroughly. Ensure this on a daily base for a minimum of 4 weeks. Then repeat the process twice weekly all year round.


Call the Pebble Crete experts for a free quote or email us: sales@mrpebbles.com.au

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We comply & maintain regulations under section 120 of the Home Building Act 1989 and clause 69 of the Home Building Regulations 2014.

N.S.W  Registered Trade Licence Number : 32099C



If you would like to contact us, please call or email us.

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