Selling A Home With A New Or Renovated Pool

Selling a home with a pool , new or renovated will add value to your home and create the lifestyle everyone dreams of.

When you sell a lifestyle of peace and happiness in your own back yard, then it comes with emotions that only increase the budget for those who want it.

With no exception spared on this home in Harrington Park. A beautifully designed and built home by Skyview Homes has added the latest technology and materials into the 21st century on show. Being part of this home and completing the pool interior has set presidents on a grand scale and has increased the value of this property.
Using White New Zealand pebble with black glass beads for the spa and
luxury saltwater pool area has made a statement with a large pool and spa ready for a family to enjoy!

We are proud to be part of this build.

Mr Pebbles

Sold by Belle Properties and video supplied by Belle Properties.

View the video created by Belle Properties Narellan NSW

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